What is the Bible?

based on Church Dogmatics II.2

What is the Bible. It is testimony. The Bible bears witness to God. It tells us that God can be known. But before a word of the Bible was ever written its testimony to God rests on what God has first chosen to do. “God has determined Himself the Lord of Israel and the Church and as such Lord of the universe and man [sic] in general.” [1]C.D. II.2 p.91 There can be no abstract or philosophical reflection on the nature and character of God because God is not a general principal but a particular God who has acted in a particular way. This is what the Bible makes known, this is what the Bible is for, and therefore this is what the Bible is. Only after this self-determination of God is recognised and accepted, from the testimony of the Bible, can all the other ways and works of God be be acknowledge for what they are. It is only from this starting point can any speech about God begin. It is here that praise and thanksgiving must commence.


1 C.D. II.2 p.91

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