The God who creates is the God who is the Father

A reflection based on Church Dogmatics III.1

To say, “We believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth” is an act of faith. It is knowledge which we cannot acquire for ourselves. The God who makes the world is not accessible to our observation or logical activity. The God we believe in is not to be confused with the idea of a “world cause.” No matter how we spoke of such a god it could only be the projection of our own minds. Even if such a god were perfect in every way it would still belong to us and to our world. It could be a more or successful in answer any of our perceived religious longings, but it would not be God. The God who created heaven and earth is God the Father, the Father of Jesus Christ. Our knowledge of God as creator is not prior to our knowledge of Jesus Christ. God is only truly knowable as creator as we place our faith is Jesus Christ as Son of God. [1]C.D. III.1 pp.11-13


Loving God, you have made everything. We look at the world and imagine a god who made it. But that God is not you. You are the God who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. When we place our faith in him we begin to know that you made the world. Help us to place our faith him, and know you as our Creator, that we might lead the lives of humility and love and thanksgiving that you made us for. Amen.


1 C.D. III.1 pp.11-13

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