God is not an Abstraction

based on Church Dogmatics II.2 paragraph 32

God is not an abstraction nor is it possible to speak of God in general terms. God is always God in particular. God is the God who does definite and particular things. God is the God who created this creation. God is the God who elected this people, and who acted through them for all people. God is the God who makes Himself known through his own self-revelation. The God who is real is precisely the one who speaks from the burning bush and says, “I am who I am.” When Holy Scripture speaks of God, it does not let our thoughts to wander, it does not let us set up a God who possesses divine attributes and perfections in the abstract. Holy Scripture concentrates our attention on a single point. Our attention and thoughts should be concentrated on this point, “from first to last the Bible directs us to the name of Jesus Christ.” God is this particular God. If we want to know what God is like we are to look no further and nowhere else than to Jesus Christ. When we see Jesus Christ, we see God. When we know Jesus Christ, we know God.[1]C.D. II.2 pp.52-4


1 C.D. II.2 pp.52-4

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