Confession and Thanksgiving

A prayer based on Church Dogmatics IV.1 paragraph 59.2

Faithful God, you lack nothing. You have no need that your glory be revealed and confessed in the world and by us. You could be content with your own knowledge of yourself. You could be content with your own being as God in glory. You do not need creation, you do not need our co-existence with you. You do not need to be Creator, you would not be less without us.

It is us who need you. It is creation which needs you. Without you neither we nor it would or could exist. And more than that we have a radical need of you. We have perverted the being which you have lent us. We and creation are rushing headlong into nothingness. We and creation have nothing with which we could prevent this fall. We are thrown back on your faithfulness to us and to all that you have made.

And yet you have come to us You have come into this far country and revealed your glory and have worked a work of atonement and reconciliation. Nothing more or less is left to us than to give you our praise and thanksgiving. Amen.[1]C.D. IV p.212


1 C.D. IV p.212

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