A Prayer

based on Church Dogmatics II.2

O God, you are the One in whom there is neither error nor mistake, neither weakness nor compromise. You are the one who in and through everything lets your own good-will be done.

We must recognise that Christ’s reign is not a kingdom among other kingdoms. Rather it is the kingdom of all kingdoms. However we look at ourselves and those around us, whether as saints or as sinners, we must see that we and they are always those who are sustained by the hand of God. Neither in the exaltation of being what God has made nor in the depths of separation from God through sin are we outside of the sphere of your divine decision. Your choosing us is the beginning and end of all your ways. Help us whenever we speak of you, or to one another, to start from this Good News; that you have already chosen us. Amen. [1]C.D. II.2 p.90


1 C.D. II.2 p.90

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