A Prayer of Adoration

based on Church Dogmatics IV.2

Praise be to you, O God.

For in your Son you have become identical with Jesus of Nazareth. You have united human nature with his divine nature. You have humbled yourself to exalt us.

This is your eternal will and decree. In this, as it takes place, you reconcile the world to yourself. This is your divinely spoken Word of truth and life and judgement and comfort and commandment and hope. With this you justify us and sanctify us. This is the being of the church.

This is what you have shown us in the birth and life and death of Jesus Christ. This is what you revealed to us, the first time, in his resurrection. This has happened, it unquestionably belongs to a definite time. Ye this has not become mere historical fact. Jesus Christ lives, he speaks and acts and rules. In Christ your words and actions are not enclosed or confined by any given time. In Christ you tell us: I am with you always.

Praise be to you, O God. Amen. [1]CD IV.2 p.107


1 CD IV.2 p.107

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